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About Coleen (Coco) Elwood

Coleen was introduced to meditation in 1971 by her groovy theater parents. Initiated in the TM tradition, she was given a walking mantra at 10, seated at 13. As a child, she found the natural world to be a place of serenity & wonderment, and she was drawn to indigenous people & traditions.

A childhood of dancing, singing, acting & playing music (violin) culminated in 9 years as a bass player, singer & songwriter in the indie band Zuzu's Petals (Twin/Tone). She discovered yoga in 1995 & was instantly drawn to its calming, meditative nature and began teaching yoga out of her house in 1998. After attending a weekend with Christopher Baxter (co-founder of Yoga Alliance), she signed up for & completed a 200-hour teacher training in Atma Yoga in 2001. Prenatal yoga training followed with Janice Clarfield in 2002. Drawn to the energy realm, she became a reiki master in 2003 (The Center for Happiness, Minneapolis).

Her desire to bring healing & unity consciousness to the planet along with a deep love of the natural world drew her to mystic, shaman, & author Christina Donnell (Winds of Change Association). In 2008 she completed a 2-year training of the Inca Mystery Teachings. Since meeting Christina in 2004, she has taken over 450 hours of trainings in receptive wisdom, deep seeing, & energy medicine. Her study of spirituality, yoga, & healing continues to this day. Her classes are soul-centered, Earth-based, gentle, & meditative, designed to connect people to their bodies' wisdom & intuition. 

From 1999 to 2020, Coleen has taught over 12,000 hours of restorative, prenatal, meditation and chair yoga classes in a variety of settings. She has also helped to train thousands of new yoga teachers as a faculty member at the Yoga Center Minneapolis (now Yoga Center Retreat). She continues to blend yoga and shamanism into her Peace medicine trainings and she is more motivated than ever to bring people back into harmony with their own nature and all of nature. She is currently offering Earth based workshops, retreats, space clearing, and shamanic healing. 


• 200 Hour Yoga Teaching Teaching Certification - Atma Yoga 2001

• Prenatal Yoga Teacher Traning - Janice Clarfield 2002

• Reiki Master - Center for Happiness 2003

• Inca Mystery Teachings/Winds of Change with Christina Donnell  2006-2008

• Winds of Change, continued education 2008-present

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Reiki & Shamanism

 Transformation happens first in the Energy Body and everyone is made up of energy. Reiki is an ancient form of energy work intended to bring people back to a natural state of well being.


Shamanism is said to be the oldest form of spirituality/healing. It is designed to bring people into a state of harmony and communion. The medicine person works with the natural and unseen worlds to release imprints/blocks in the Energy Body and realign the client to their soul's wisdom.

Shamanic healing sessions utilize Reiki, rain drums, power objects, journeying, and channeled insights to return the person back to a natural state of balance.

Each session starts with a dialog & intention setting. A clothes on approach using light hands on/or above touch to release imprints, accelerate physical healing, purify stuck emotions,  access intuition, clarify life's purpose and replenish the Light Body. 

These sessions are tailor made and wonderful support for life transitions, recovering from surgery, illness, trauma and strengthening the life force.

Reiki/Shamanic Healing:

Sliding Scale

$100-$150/1.5 Hours

Space/ Home Clearing:
Spaces like people hold Energy...
Schedule a session to

cleanse an existing space following trauma/ transition, rededicate, clear heavy

energy, reset intentions.

$250-$400 for 1-2 hours

(depends on space)


Retreats & Workshops

My classes are gentle, meditative, Earth-based & Soul-centered. Designed to connect students to their Bodies Wisdom & Intuition.
An eclectic blend of gentle & restorative postures, meditation & chakra balancing to strengthen the body, calm the mind, navigate the emotions & nourish peace within.
Open to beginners as well as those wanting a stress relief. Meditation is the heart of yoga & woven into every class.

Private Sessions:
Schedule a private to address your physical concerns, deepen your practice & create a

home practice


$130/1.5 hours

Private Parties:
Include yoga in your celebrations! Co-create a

party/ practice for your

special occasion.

Corporate Sessions:
Bring yoga & meditation

to the work place.


Prices vary.

Spring Renewal Mini Retreat

Carondolet Center 

1-4:30 pm
$60-$100 sliding scale

(includes tea & gifts) 

Earth Day Retreat

@ the Arc Retreat Community 

4/22 9-4 pm 

$150 (includes lunch) 
To register: 

Peace Medicine Nourish & Flourish Weekend 
@Arc Retreat Community  Stanchfield, MN
5/17-5/19 $750

single room/shared bathroom 
(includes follow-up
email and audio) 

$300 Deposit
(holds your spot) 

Reach out to me with questions or to register: 
(6 spots left)


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Peace Medicine • Coleen Elwood
Minneapolis, MN


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